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How much time do you spend on property maintenance each year? Many people don’t even think about maintenance tasks until something happens that requires their attention. However, it’s much better to be proactive than reactive in this instance, as you’ll soon see.

Waiting until the paint peels

Many properties have external walls that are painted. Exterior paint is formulated to be weatherproof and to protect the property against penetrating damp and leaks. If you wait until the paint is peeling off your walls, the water damage could already be taking place. That could lead to damp inside your property – and if you’re really unlucky, you might get a leak or two every time it rains.

The better course of action is to repaint the exterior of your home every year or two. This prevents damp and decay from occurring, as the paint will be refreshed and back to its best before that has a chance to happen.

Plugging gaps

It’s a good idea to check for gaps around window and door frames on a regular basis as well. Sealant can fail, and when it does it leaves a hole through which rainwater can get inside your property. If you spot a leak, deal with it as soon as possible. Regular checks should mean you can prevent leaks from taking place at all.

Faulty guttering

Have you spotted a leak in your guttering when it rains? It’s tempting to leave it, but if you do you could end up with water ingress into your property. Guttering is designed to catch rainwater and send it safely down the drain. If the guttering fails and isn’t doing its job, get someone in to replace or repair it as needed.

Regular maintenance is cheaper than leaving things to get worse

Regularly maintaining your property may seem like a hassle. However, it is generally a much cheaper alternative when compared to letting things get worse. Think about a couple of missing roof tiles, for example. Yes, there will be a small fee involved to get someone in to replace them. However, this action will make your roof weathertight again. If you neglect to get those tiles replaced, you could end up with a major leak inside your property in time – and that will be far pricier to put right.

Taking control of regular property maintenance and repairs is vital, no matter what size or type of property you live in. Get into a routine of checking your property inside and out to identify potential issues that could be resolved easily now. Make a list and contact the right person to get it sorted. Ideally, you need a reliable and experienced firm capable of handling a variety of maintenance tasks. This means you will only ever have one number to call when you need some help.

When you adopt a proactive view to maintenance, you’ll be surprised how much peace of mind you’ll get along with it. Give it a try today and see how reassured you’ll feel.


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