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If you asked a series of homeowners which parts of their property they were most likely to keep an eye on, guttering would likely be far down the list… if they thought of it at all.

Guttering sits way above our heads, so we rarely think about it. The only time we might is if something goes wrong, and it begins to leak. If that happens, the most likely scenario is that it has become blocked.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise the chances of the guttering becoming blocked to start with. This in turn reduces the odds of having to deal with any broken gutters or clogs that could lead to property damage.

Book in annual gutter cleaning

Even in a single-storey property, reaching the guttering can be difficult if not impossible. Few homeowners would attempt to clean out the guttering on the upper floor(s) of their home.

The best way around this – and to make sure your gutters stay as clean as possible – is to book an annual gutter cleaning appointment with a local guttering specialist. They’ll clean out your gutters to keep them working as they should. They’ll also be able to check for any possible issues while they’re up there, such as broken sections or missing joints between sections of guttering.

The best time to do this is once the leaves have dropped each autumn. Debris should be minimal after this, but you should make sure you book the cleaning to occur before the winter months, so you’re ready for the year ahead.

Check your drainpipes

It’s possible for these to become clogged too, and if that happens, they could lead to water becoming backed up along your guttering. That means the water will eventually overflow causing possible damage to your walls. If some water is left behind after each shower, it could even become stagnant, leading to nasty smells lurking around your property.

Keep an eye on your drainpipes during rain if you can. You’ll see whether they’re working as they should be or whether they seem slow to clear the water. You might also spot overflowing gutters nearby if that’s the case.

Regular guttering checks

It all comes down to regular checks on your guttering and an annual clean to keep things moving. If you manage both those elements, your gutters will stay in prime condition. Have your gutters cleaned more regularly, depending on performance during the year. Consider the surroundings to your property and work out whether annual cleaning will suffice.


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