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Plants are hardy things. A single seed or discarded root blown by the wind can land in all kinds of places. So, it is hardly surprising neglected guttering is often seen with plants and grass growing out of it.

Even if you live in a bungalow, chances are you don’t often check your guttering. It’s above your head, and usually out of mind unless something happens to draw your attention to it. That could mean water tipping over the edges of the guttering instead of being drawn towards the drainpipes, or a broken section that falls out after a storm.

It might also mean a plant catches your eye as you realise it is growing in a very unusual place!

Is your guttering still able to do its job?

If you have plants growing in there, the answer is no. Seeds, debris, and soil can all be picked up in the rain and deposited in your gutters, along with the rain itself. Over time, these can clog up the guttering, leaving very little room for water to make its way down there to reach the downpipe.

There is a reason why some gardeners use lengths of guttering to grow their plants in. Some plants don’t need much soil or space to grow, so it is no huge surprise to realise plants can start growing in your guttering even when you don’t intend for them to be there.

With regular cleaning, however, you can make sure this doesn’t happen. This also protects your drains. Water from the downpipes will go into the drains… along with any soil or debris that was caught in the guttering. Over time, you could end up with blocked drains, too, if you don’t invest in a regular cleaning service.

Check your gutters regularly – even if you don’t have any plants or flowers nearby

If you have a bungalow, you may be able to do this yourself. However, it is usually far easier to get a professional guttering expert to check all your gutters for you. This means you won’t need to worry about using ladders to check them. Cleaning guttering can be a messy job, too – one most people wouldn’t be delighted about doing.

A professional can check the guttering regularly, looking to clear out any debris sitting in there. They can also check the quality of the guttering to make sure no damage has occurred. This preventative action will help to make sure you get the most from your guttering, and to ensure it is free from anything that could be growing in there.

You can buy mesh for guttering that helps limit the debris that can blow into it. However, nothing is foolproof. With guttering protection in place, it still pays dividends to get your gutters cleaned regularly, so you can be certain they are doing the job they are intended to do. This should ensure there is little chance of plants starting to grow where they are not wanted.


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