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Damp is never a pleasant addition to any home. If you spot signs of damp, it is always best to tackle them straightaway. Sometimes, it can be a simple matter of a lack of air getting to a corner of a room, perhaps behind a big item of furniture like a wardrobe, for example. Regularly airing a room may be all that is required to solve simple issues like this.

But sometimes the issue is outside the home. Sometimes it can be as simple as spotting guttering that is blocked or broken. And it can be surprising how a simple issue like a broken or failing section of guttering can cause far bigger problems elsewhere.

Rainwater damage

If two sections of guttering are joined together by a clip, it should enable rainwater to move along the guttering without leaking. However, if the clip fails, if the joint is a poor one, or if one piece of guttering is broken, the water won’t go where it is supposed to. If the water begins to run down the walls, it can eventually cause damp to occur inside the home. You can be sure it won’t reach the downpipe.

Poorly-fitted guttering

It may not even take failed guttering to cause this issue. There are different types of guttering available, some of which are deeper than others. If you tend to get lots of water flooding from more than one section of roof into just one section of guttering, it can overspill that guttering. This too can lead to damp if the walls are flooded with water over time.

Blocked guttering

Even if a section of gutter is in excellent condition, it need only become blocked for damage to occur through damp. Over time, leaves and debris can block the gutter, leading to the same overspill of water mentioned above.

Preventing damp to begin with

Obviously, this is the best solution. If you already have damp, it is vital to find the source as quickly as possible. It makes sense to check inside your home first, but if everything seems fine there, check outside for damage to walls and for water damage from damaged guttering. It is surprisingly common for this to occur, and thankfully usually quite easy to fix if your guttering does turn out to be the problem. If you don’t have damp, why not take the time now to make sure it stays that way?

Regular checks are by far the best way to combat and hopefully prevent such things from happening. If you live in a house, or you cannot safely gain access to your gutters via a ladder, contact the experts and arrange for an annual or bi-annual check. It doesn’t take long, is usually very affordable, and could save you a higher repair bill and expensive damage later. Damp is far harder and pricier to repair than fixing a substandard section of guttering. You might be thankful you dealt with it early.


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