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When you have many DIY jobs, maintenance tasks, and other similar issues to handle around the home, replacing your soffits and fascias could understandably slip down the to-do list. Chances are you may not even think about the condition they are in until something happens to alert you to their current state. After all, how often do you look above your head to check out the state of your roof and all its component parts?

That said, keeping an eye on their condition is imperative to maintaining the good condition of your roof and your overall property. If the soffits and fascias are made from wood and they are beginning to fail, putting off getting replacements fitted will cost you dearly. Over time, water can leak into the roof structure, causing rotting, condensation, and other water damage. Holes will also allow birds and other animals to get inside your roof, causing even more problems.

Here are some signs to look for that would indicate soffit and fascia replacement is required.

Can you see peeling paint or areas where the paint is already missing?

Paint provides a protective layer over wooden fascias and soffits. Ideally, such areas should be repainted every year to maintain the protection and the wood beneath. If you have areas that no longer have any paint on them or it has started to peel, water can attack the wood and soften it, eventually causing it to rot.

Signs of water damage inside the property

Rain has a nasty habit of getting in wherever it can. If you have wooden soffits and fascias that have rotted in places, they will allow the rain to get inside your property. This can show on walls and in the loft if you can get up there to examine it. Even if there are no signs of a leak, you may still spot signs of damp in affected areas.

Should you repair or replace?

Replacing damaged soffits and fascias is the best course of action. Modern uPVC panels can be used in two ways. If the fascias and soffits are in reasonable condition, uPVC cladding can be attached to them to protect against further damage.

However, if significant damage has occurred and the wooden parts can no longer be repaired, it will likely be necessary to remove them altogether. In this scenario, all the wooden structures are taken down. Thicker uPVC boards are then installed to provide a permanent weatherproof solution for the homeowner.

UPVC soffit and fascia replacements require no maintenance

Many homeowners are glad to hear this. Painting wooden structures tucked right up by your roof is only for those who love climbing ladders. Most people would be happy never to touch them, hence the advantage of installing uPVC replacements. These products will also last far longer than their wooden counterparts, as well as looking good in white to complement any colour scheme.

If your fascias and soffits have seen better days, perhaps today is the day to take steps to do something about it.


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