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On Monday 23rd March 2020, the Prime Minister announced a strict set of conditions that all UK residents are expected to adhere to. These measures include the closure of all non-essential businesses.

The aim is for us all to pull together to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is very contagious and limiting contact with other people wherever possible means it becomes much harder for it to spread among the population.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are following all current Government guidelines, along with advice provided by Public Health England on how to stay safe. Social distancing and self-isolation have become two of the most common phrases in our vocabulary in the last couple of weeks. Sadly, this shows no sign of changing anytime soon.

Where does this leave you if you need essential roof, guttering, or property repairs?

This is obviously not the time to get a new roof if there is nothing wrong with your existing one. DIY home improvements are one thing if you can remain indoors or in the safety of your back garden, as you can stick to the social distancing guidelines. These tell us we must be at least two metres away from anyone around us.

However, homeowners are permitted to get emergency repairs done on their properties if the need should arise. Safety and distancing would still be of paramount importance, of course, but you would not be able to leave a leaky roof for an indeterminate period. If you did, further damage could be caused to the roof and to the interior of your home. The financial implications of this could be significant.

We are here for you when you need us most

After the huge amount of rainfall that we had during February, March has been more settled. We’ve seen many sunny days of late with no rain at all. However, if there was a storm or a rainy day, this could highlight leaks in roofs, missing tiles, or other issues that would need to be resolved.

If this should occur and you find yourself faced with a leaking roof or similar property issue, please remember we are here to help you navigate that emergency quickly and safely. We can advise over the phone and we can maintain social distancing even when we visit your property to assess the damage and to find a solution. Everything can be done remotely, which means we can get on with our essential work and you can stay safe indoors, just as the Government has told you to do.

These are scary times. Everyone is adjusting to a new normal – a normal we have no idea how long will last. However, some things remain as they always have, and essential home repairs can be included on that list. So, if you need us, please call. We can guide you through the process of safely and responsibly acting according to the latest guidelines, while still solving those emergency home repair issues. Stay safe.


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