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Every roof has a lifespan. No matter where you live or what kind of roof you have, the day will eventually come when it needs to be replaced. But how can you tell whether or not that day has arrived?

Repairs are easier and cheaper to handle than a complete roof replacement, which could cost several thousand pounds. Yet there are times when a repair won’t do the job of protecting your property from further damage or water leakage. With that in mind, you do need to consider which route makes the most sense for you.

How old is your roof?

You may not know exactly, but you can gauge the age of the roof by how long you have lived in the property. Neighbours who have lived in the area longer might also have an idea of how old it is. You might also have information on the age of the roof in the home buyer’s pack you received when you were thinking of buying the property. If a new one was fitted in recent years, information on this might be included.

Are tiles missing?

Missing tiles can often be replaced by new ones quite quickly and easily. However, if a few tiles need to be removed to insert new ones, a roofer could discover problems underneath the tiles. A typical example would be signs of water leakage and maybe even loose or damaged battens, which could jeopardise the safety of the entire roof. Damaged battens can mean tiles are more prone to falling off in the future as well.

Look at the flashing and other potential problem areas

Flashing can eventually fail and leak, but it can be fairly easy to replace. Look around the edges of the roof and in areas where two sections of roof meet, for example at a right angle to each other if the property is an L-shaped one. Look at the bottom of chimney stacks as well to see whether any of the cement is failing or crumbling – or is missing entirely.

Consider how much you have already spent in repairs in the last couple of years

It is actually quite unusual for a roof of any kind to suddenly fail completely. Far more likely is the prospect of gradually seeing more wear-and-tear on the roof over a period of time.

If you have started to shell out for repairs more and more frequently, and you’ve had a few leaks in the last year or two, it could be time to get a quote for a new roof. Much like repairing or replacing a car, there does come a time when it makes better financial sense to go for a replacement.

Whatever path you choose to take, it is an excellent idea to call out roofing experts to assess the condition of the roof. They will confirm whether repairs are the better option, or whether a new roof is advisable. You can then seek quotes and plan accordingly.


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