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We all experienced Storm Doris at some level recently; while some people were seriously injured by Storm Doris, others got off better with lost fences, trampolines, garden sets and wheelie bins - but just because Storm Doris has gone, it doesn’t mean that you are in the clear yet. There are certain checks you need to do to ensure no further damage has been caused by Storm Doris.

When Should I Check My Roof Gutters and Downpipes?

As a rule you should have a guttering maintenance check once a year during the autumn months and at this time clean your guttering while checking for damage and any necessary repairs. However, after a serious storm like Storm Doris, it is highly recommended that you check your guttering again to remove the need of guttering repairs in the near future - or even reduce the risk of replacement guttering due to serious damage.

How to Check Roof Gutters and Downpipes after a Storm

The two most common reasons for needing to repair guttering are blockages in the guttering and blockages in the down pipe. As the strong winds of Storm Doris blew against your home leaves, rubbish, garden cuttings, moss and all sorts of larger debris would have become trapped in your guttering and these will begin to block your guttering and down pipes. The first thing you need to do is check for blockages.

Check for Guttering Repairs in the Rain

The easiest way to check if your guttering is in need of repair is to pop outside in the rain - if you notice water running down the side of your house and not along the gutters and through the downpipes then it is likely your guttering is blocked. Arranging for guttering cleaning will reduce the risk of need for guttering repairs because it is far more likely for a blocked gutter to break, than a clean and blockage free gutter and downpipe.

Do You Have Leaking Gutters or Blocked Downpipes?

You may not notice water pouring down the side of your house in the rain, but perhaps you will see leaking gutter joints? This happens because bits of debris that may have been blown in by Storm Doris have got wedged in the joints in your guttering and this will result in a need for guttering repairs. It is important to note that the most common cause of isolated damp in a home is due to leaking gutters so it is an important thing to look out for, especially after a heavy storm.

Are Your Gutters Sagging?

Sagging gutters are common after a heavy storm like Storm Doris, this is mainly because so much pressure is put onto the unprotected gutters on the outside of your home. Sagging gutters will often be noticeable by gutters becoming weighed down by debris and standing water – and due to the strong winds there will be a lot more chance of debris getting trapped in your guttering. However rusty screws and faulty brackets of your gutters can also result in a need for guttering repairs, sagging gutters can be seen from down below so next time you’re outside the house just skim your eyes along the guttering around your home and make sure there is no sagging.

If you need any help with guttering maintenance checks, damaged downpipes or have a need for guttering repairs then please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be only too happy to help get your guttering back in ship-shape condition and reduce the risk of further damage over time or when the next storm comes.


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