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Guttering has an important job to do in keeping your home in good order. However, many of us underestimate how difficult that job is if the guttering isn’t in good condition. You’re probably thinking of broken sections of guttering that leak when it rains, or perhaps a faulty bracket that isn’t properly clipped to the section of guttering it should support. However, there is another element to think about and plan for if you want to be certain your guttering is performing just as it should be.

We’re talking about cleaning, of course. Clean guttering enables rainwater to flow down it towards the downpipe and into the drains (or your water butt if you have one). But just as rivers burst their banks if they become silted up, so guttering will overflow if it becomes clogged with debris.

It’s obvious that regular cleaning is the answer here. Let’s face it though, most of us aren’t too keen on climbing a ladder to inspect the condition of the guttering installed around the roof of our home. That means guesswork is required – unless you know how often you should clean your guttering first.

How many times a year should you get your guttering cleaned?

The simple answer is once or twice. You should clean it every six to 12 months depending on where you live. For instance, if you live in a town with few trees nearby, you’ll probably find once a year is more than sufficient. However, if you live in the countryside, or you have plenty of trees in your own garden and in your neighbours’ gardens, six-monthly cleaning is better. You’ll find your gutters become clogged more often with dead leaves and other debris.

More trees can mean more squirrels and other animals are present too. Birds can drop things that roll into your guttering. They might get hold of twigs and other bits and pieces to help them build their nests, some of which might be dropped into your guttering.

Another element to note is the difference in the condition of your guttering if you have an extension at a lower level than the rest of the house. In this instance, the section of guttering that is lower than the rest will receive the bulk of the runoff from the higher portion of roof. That means there is a greater chance of more debris getting clogged in the lower portion of guttering. This should be checked more often, even if the remaining guttering is fine for an annual clean.

While cleaning your guttering might seem like something you can postpone, it’s an essential job to get done regularly. If you don’t hire someone to do this for you, your guttering won’t do its job properly. This in turn means you could end up with damp or leaks – and these generally cost far more to put right. So, remember to book your gutter cleaning soon and schedule a reminder for six or 12 months’ time as well.


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