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What do these three types of business have in common?

• Letting agencies
• Estate agents
• Property management companies

They are all involved in the property market, of course, but they are also often in need of tradespeople who are experienced in maintaining and repairing various parts of a property.

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How much time do you spend maintaining your gutters? If you’re like most people, you probably cannot recall the last time you even thought about them. It’s common never to think about them until you notice there’s an issue. Maybe you spot dirty streaks down the side of your walls or a loose section of guttering following a storm.

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When you have many DIY jobs, maintenance tasks, and other similar issues to handle around the home, replacing your soffits and fascias could understandably slip down the to-do list. Chances are you may not even think about the condition they are in until something happens to alert you to their current state. After all, how often do you look above your head to check out the state of your roof and all its component parts?

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Most people can wander around their local area and see nothing but PVC guttering. However, some areas will have several examples of Finlock concrete guttering in place on buildings – typically those built soon after the war. At the time, it was difficult to get hold of enough steel to build regular gutters (long before the advent of PVC, of course). So, when properties were built, Finlock concrete gutters were added as part of the building process.

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